Back Bay

Back Bay

This novel was my NaNoWriMo novel for 2013. Written between November and January 2014, this novel is the second in my Wash Woods series.

Back Bay Cover (small)

The first novel in the series, False Cape, introduces the main character, Mary Margaret “Mamie” Marsh, and her family and friends: her niece and best friend Clara Marsh, her sister-in-law Cecilia, her other brothers and sisters John Jacob, Josephine Mary, Rachel Margaret, and Thomas John, and her parents Josephine and John Marsh. In Back Bay, Mamie’s story continues where the previous novel left off. The novel, like False Cape, begins in the early 70s, when Mamie is well in her eighties. Over the course of a family dinner, Mamie continues the story of her life growing up in Wash Woods.

In 1902, at the age of seventeen, a tragedy strikes Mamie. As a result, she is forced to grow up in a short time. Reeling from the tragedy, Mamie and her new husband learn more about who they really are and come to realize that love has many different facets and can happen when you least expect it. Not only do we get to hear about Mamie’s life, but also her sister Rachel steps in to tell part of her story.

This novel will be available as an ebook and in paperback in mid-February. Check back here for more details.