Cecilee Linke

I can write you a story, teach you French, sing you a song.


Thing a Week #16 – Purple Heart

I’ll never understand the kind of people who are nice to your face but then say nasty things about you behind your back when they think no one is listening. The kind of people who will never be happy with anything you say or do and have to be mean just to be mean. If […]

Thing A Week #15 – Golden Bells

Casinos are fascinating places. I can see why people get lost and spend hours there. There are no windows, no clocks, nothing to indicate the passing of time. Also, it’s loud, you can drink, and there’s the chance you might just win big bucks. Last year, I saw Tori Amos live at the National Harbor […]

Thing A Week #14 – Scarlet

Sometimes it only takes a picture to inspire a song. My song Ballerina was inspired by a picture of, well, a ballerina! And this one was inspired by a picture, this time one on Facebook. A mutual friend of one of my songwriter friends posted a picture of rose petals that they’d found on a […]

Thing A Week #13 – Snow in Alabama

I’m going to be honest, this song was almost forgotten by me until I pulled it out for this project! I’d written this on a whim back in early January after having the title (I thought it sounded really cool, so I wrote it down) and a vague idea of what I wanted it to […]

Thing A Week #12 – Ljubljana

Another song about a place I’ve never visited. When I was a kid, I used to play on a European geography program on my computer. I learned all the capitals, imports and exports, and the location of every European country, at least, as of the early 90s (Bonn was still the capital of Germany and […]

Thing A Week #11 – Far From Kankakee

I gave myself a challenge earlier this month: try to write a song about a place. So I wrote about an Illinoisan city of about 30,000 that I’ve never visited. However, I have a connection to Kankakee. In my genealogy hunt, I have been trying to figure out what happened to a family member about […]

Thing A Week #10 – East

I was talking to my mom a few weeks ago when we somehow started talking about what it was like for my parents when they moved to the east coast in the early 80s. They are from southern California, so moving to Maryland in the winter was a bit of a culture shock for both […]

Thing A Week #9 – So Many Airplanes

When I was sixteen, I heard about a local songwriting seminar from my choir teacher. The event details were this: come together for a day and you could learn from industry professionals either how to be a better singer or take a songwriting class from noted songwriter Jason Blume and other pop and country writers. […]

Girl and Piano #2 – Imagination (Clan of Xymox cover)

I may perform with just a keyboard and my voice these days, but I always have a soft spot for 80s synth pop. In some cases, songs don’t hold up without the production. But in many cases, if you strip away the production, you have a song that can stand up on its own. Like […]

Thing A Week #8 – Celestial

I tend to write a lot of songs about space, it seems! Like Nebulous, this song doesn’t mention the title in the lyrics at all! I’m honestly not sure what I will do this this song, though I do like how pretty it is! I wrote this as a part of a personal songwriting challenge […]