Current Music Projects

Current Projects


So what’s next for my music?

As it’s turning out, quite a bit.

I’m always working on new songs. Music is my time to unwind and get away from the computer screen after spending most of my day writing. There’s something great about sitting in front of my piano keyboard and composing and practicing my songs that really makes me happy! 🙂

Then there’s the process of going into Logic Pro and manipulating sounds in interesting ways. If there’s something I’m working on now that’s different than what I’ve done before, it’s including more bits of musique concrète.

What’s that, you ask?

Taking everyday sounds and turning them into something musical. It could be the sound of a knife falling on a table. A roller coaster chugging up the lift hill before the big drop. A drum loop created from me banging my house clogs on the stairs leading to my music room. All those sounds I just described have made their way into my recent compositions. Thank you, Voice Memos app.

I’ve already added some elements of musique concrète into my music. In my song Island Girl, I included the electronically manipulated sound of water dripping in my washing machine as part of the drums in the chorus. It’s just that now, I am experimenting even more with those elements. I’m even taking instruments within Logic Pro and putting them through filters to sound like guitars!

It’s all about experimenting and playing with different sounds. Who says that electronic music has to be lifeless?

Lastly, here is an ongoing list of all the songs I have written. As new songs are written and recorded, I will be updating this list. So have fun following this list along with me! 😀

Bold means “YES YES YES this song is the awesomness and will be released, woohoo!”

Italic means “eh, maybe this needs to marinate a little longer.”

Strikethrough means “OK that one didn’t work, NEXT.”

Songs I Have Written

Incredible Light


Driving Through The Night

Turn The Lights Up

Living in the Background

Lost in Space

Beauty of the Sun

Quiet Night

Regarder les nuages

Purple Heart

Digital Dream

Counterfeit World

Modern Love


Our Little Infinity

Never Had a Chance

Into The Blue

Under the Apple Trees

Paint the Sky

Où tombe la lumière

Dancing Waters


Walk in the Dust