Electric Blue Fantastic

Electric Blue Fantastic

Released in January 2014, Electric Blue Fantastic is a homage to Cecilee’s favorite 80s music. When she was a teenager, her peers were listening to N Sync, but she was more likely to jam out to Duran Duran and Pet Shop Boys. Since most of her favorite music comes from the 80s, it only made sense that she would eventually make her own 80s-inspired album! A year in the making, Electric Blue Fantastic still contains the poetic, thoughtful lyrics that Cecilee loves to write, but puts them over synth-pop arrangements. As always, Cecilee is the driving force behind these songs: composing, recording, and producing everything.

“Yellow Lines” opens the album with distinctive analog synths and drums that recall the best of Kraftwerk and her favorite 80s group, Pet Shop Boys, but with modern production. The wry lyrics of “I Don’t Write Love Songs” were also influenced by the Pet Shop Boys, especially their love of writing intelligent lyrics over synth-laden music. Every song brings the listener back to the best of the 80s, whether its the washes of analog pads behind her on the French-language “Viens ici mon amour” (Come here my love) or the drum machines tapping away on “Uncertain Smile,” inspired by a The The song of the same name. A disco-y beat even comes through on the ending song “Out of My Depth,” a song about letting go of your fears.

Though there are machines behind her voice, there is so much more than that. Every song contains her emotions and thoughtful stories of her own journey. All of those things drive each song and bring the listener into her world. An electric world indeed.


Electric Blue Fantastic

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Kunaki (CD)



1. Yellow Lines

2. Uncertain Smile

3. I Don’t Write Love Songs

4. Hard To Love

5. Viens ici mon amour

6. Close Your Eyes

7. Fly Away

8. Wild Blue

9. Rivers

10. Take This Love

11. Island Girl

12. Out Of My Depth

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