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I can write you a story, teach you French, sing you a song.

Elodie and Heloise

Elodie and Heloise

“I feel this book would be great for teen girls who are in high school as it deals with issues that relate mostly to them. As someone who’s been out of high school for ten years though I was still able to enjoy this book.” Aspiring Joy review

Inspired by characters that I created and played in The Sims 3, Elodie and Heloise is my first published novel, a labor of love written over the course of a year. Though I had written stories and novels before, this was the first work that I finished and published.

Elodie and Heloise



The story features twin sisters Elodie and Heloise DeGarmo, who live in a small town in central Virginia with their parents: Shannon, a professional writer; Francis, a French immigrant. As children, Elodie and Heloise are inseparable best friends. However, everything changes in late elementary school. Elodie wants to be popular and can no longer stand to be around her sister. Elodie becomes the most popular girl in school. Meanwhile, Heloise throws herself into her schoolwork and her favorite books.

In their senior year of high school, however, everything begins to change. Elodie has a secret that she hides from her friends. She also encounters someone from her childhood, before she became popular, who she never expected to see again. Meanwhile, Heloise not only finds love but also has to figure out what really makes her happy: cooking or science.

Only when tragedy strikes are the girls brought together. By then, however, it is almost too late.

This novel is available as an ebook and as a paperback from Amazon.com. A second, reedited edition as well as an audiobook will be released in the next month.