False Cape

False Cape

Inspired by my love of all things ghost towns and abandoned places, False Cape is the first book in a planned series about life in the long-forgotten ghost town of Wash Woods, Virginia, located in what is now False Cape State Park in Virginia Beach.

False Cape (small)



Throughout the nineteenth century, countless ships wrecked on the shores of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina, their ships unable to handle the rocky coast and storms that they encountered. Many people perished. However, some made it to shore.

On a narrow, remote spit of land was a bustling settlement of about three hundred people called Wash Woods, named for the wood that washed ashore from shipwrecks and which the residents used to build their homes. There, in that remote village, the hardy inhabitants made their living off the land and sea as fishers, crabbers, or farmers.

It is also the town where Mary Margaret “Mamie” Marsh lived with her mother, father, and four older brothers and sisters, at the turn of the 20th century. This long-forgotten town comes to life through the stories that Mamie tells her descendants. During family dinners with her children and grandchildren, she recounts her love for Arthur Chamberlain, a childhood friend, and her quest to find herself in spite of the restrictions placed on her as a young girl in the early 1900s.

This book is available now as an ebook and as a paperback from Amazon.com.