It’s Almost Here!

My new album of songs, that is!

I’ve said it to my husband after listening to it in the car on the way to and from work on day, and now I’m saying it online for the world to read: I have never been prouder of any music album I’ve ever made.

At last, everything works together as a whole and, most of all, I sound confident.

To think that this all started as a fun little diversion when I was about nineteen years old. Not feeling like my voice fit in with the classical stuff my teacher was giving me every week or with the pop music I heard all over the radio, I decided to try writing my own songs. I could better connect with the songs and they would be written for my kind of voice. I thought, “Surely it won’t take long to become good at this, right?”

Try eleven years! Oh and countless songs later.

But it’s all been worth it! I have never had more fun recording and singing these songs! Writing them was just as much fun too! I’ve become a much happier person since I last released an album and it shows in the music. I’ve got a lot more ups and downs in my melodies and it all works together as a whole more than any of my songs ever have before!

I’m also trying something new for this album: doing pre-orders on Bandcamp.

With three different editions: a standard edition, one with acoustic versions of each song, another with instrumentals.


As I was recording, I thought it would be fun to release acoustic versions of these songs so that people can hear how I wrote the song. And with minimal takes. I wanted to give them a live feel, like you’re sitting there in my music room listening to me sing and play. So that’s where that idea came from.

As for the instrumentals, well, this way you can also hear what else is going on in the song behind me. And also that these instrumentals sounded great by themselves, so why not put those out too?

And it just went from there!

I’ll be putting this out on December 1st, and if you’d like to get it right on the release date, you can pre-order whichever edition you want here. It all depends on what you’d like! 😀 It’s $5 for the standard edition, $10 for the standard + acoustic, and $15 for standard + acoustic + instrumentals. Some pretty great deals, I think! 😀

I’m ALSO going to be doing a set of concerts on my new favorite online venue: Concert Window! Up til Christmas, you’ll see me playing and singing on CW on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Except for the last one, which will be on Saturday. I’ve got plans on the Friday before Christmas. 😉 😀

So lots of awesome stuff going on! 😀

Can you tell I’m excited?? 😀


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