English translation sample of Un ouvrier tué dans une usine de gaz from Europe1 News

Worker killed in gas factory

The explosion happened in a factory in the city of Martigues. The victim was a 28 year old young man.

A large industrial accident occurred on Tuesday morning in a maritime industrial area in Lavera. The explosion happened at 8:51 AM in a Gazechim chlorine production factory. One person died of suffocation from the explosion and nine others were injured, including one serious injury.

According to the La Provence newspaper, the man who died in the explosion was a 28-year-old worker. “He was checking a bottle of gas when he was blown to pieces by the violent explosion,” the newspaper reported. The killed worker was the father of a young boy, and was known by his colleagues for his “meticulous” work, according to Europe 1.

Security measures put in place

The explosion was most likely due to a leak of sodium water. However, no gas leak was found outside the site, authorities added. As a safety precaution, an important security measure was put in place. Approximately fifty firefighters and fifteen medical vehicles were dispatched to the scene and the access to the petrochemical zone was closed off.

On Thursday, factory employees were subjected to medical examinations to verify the possible inhalation of dangerous substances. A notable chlorine leak occurred in May 2009 in that same Lavera factory. One area resident, while being interviewed by Europe 1, said that he had “a strange tingling sensation in his nose and on his tongue.”