Electronic Press Kit


Wonderful voice wonderful playing wonderful songs wonderful spirit. – soundchaser, Concert Window fan

Cecilee has a lovely and unique voice! Her warm personality shines throughout performances. Highly recommended show! – Janae Jean, StreetJelly fan

Cecilee proves that music transcends languages. – Kimon Haldas, Concert Window fan

A girl, her piano, and her songs


If there’s one thing that could be used to describe Cecilee’s music, it’s emotion. Cecilee uses her music as therapy for her feelings and it shows in the music. Whether she is singing one of her own songs or putting her own touch on a favorite 80s song, her passionate mezzo-soprano vocals will bring you in to her world and leave you wondering what just happened, in a good way.

Though Cecilee has always loved music and singing, it wasn’t until college that she began writing her own music and exploring her own voice. A chance purchase of a Yamaha keyboard in 2011 opened her musical world by allowing her to learn an instrument she’d always wanted to learn: the piano. Since then, Cecilee has been teaching herself and accompanies herself for live performances.

A lover of electronic music, alternative piano singer/songwriters, and even French music, Cecilee has always found it difficult to stick to one music genre. Her recorded music is influenced by artists such as Goldfrapp, Pet Shop Boys, Massive Attack, and LEVV, incorporating electronic sub-genres such as dubstep, trip-hop, and synth pop, with a heavy dose of piano. In her live performances, Cecilee strips it all away and performs with her and a keyboard, in the style of Charlotte Martin, Regina Spektor, Tori Amos and other alternative piano singer/songwriters. She can also perform in another language. Cecilee has brought her love of French language and culture to her music and can perform in French, to the delight of her audience.

In addition to performing in 2017 at the Starving Artist Café in Norfolk and in Philadelphia at the Malelani Café, Cecilee is a frequent participant at various open mic nights in the Hampton Roads area, particularly at the Big Pink in Hampton. When she’s not performing around Hampton Roads, she performs online streaming concerts on StreetJelly, Concert Window, and sometimes YouTube, where she sings and plays piano live from her home to a global audience. As of 2018, she is currently posting a song a week for her “Thing a Week” series and, once a month, a “girl and piano” version of a favorite 80s song, to her YouTube channel.