Registration Options

When registering for membership on this site, please select one of the options listed below:

Private Lessons:

These lessons are done one-on-one in person. Click on the option below that applies to you. Weekly lessons for one person are $30, while regular weekly lessons for two people are $35: $30 for the first person and $5 for the additional student. 

Regular weekly lessons (1 person)

Regular weekly lessons (2 people)

Online lessons:

These lessons are not conducted in person and are instead taught at a predetermined time over Skype. Click on the option below that applies to you.

Online Skype lessons (1 person)


Online Skype lessons (2 people)


Nansemond Parkway French Club

If you have a child who has enrolled in the Nansemond Parkway French Club, please use this option below to pay for your child’s lessons. Weekly lessons are $6 per student and sessions run for 8 weeks for a total of $48.

Nansemond Parkway Elementary French Club


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