Cecilee Linke

I can write you a story, teach you French, sing you a song.


My Musical Production Beginnings: Techno Ejay

Sometime in high school, my mom and I were browsing in a computer store like we always did. I can’t remember the exact store, but I know it’s a chain that doesn’t exist anymore (likely Circuit City or Comp USA). Next to bookstores, computer stores were my favorite places to visit. See, I’d had a […]

Cecilee: Singer/Songwriter or…. Something Else? That Is The Question

In my area, there’s an annual contest for up-and-coming local singer/songwriters. You sign up, submit some songs, and if you’re chosen, you get to perform your song for judges and you win prizes and all sorts of prestige and yay yay yay! And every year, I can’t join. One of the rules of the contest […]

How I Discovered French Music, or: The Internet is Awesome

For some, their favorite school subjects are the core classes like science, math and English. Mine were the elective classes. Band, then choir from my sophomore year on, and French class. I began taking French in eighth grade (when I was about 14 years old) and I continued taking French through high school. Every day at school, […]

Best Picture Winners #15 – Mrs. Miniver (1942)

They say that dramas are the most common genre of Oscar Best Picture winners. I can believe it. For this project so far, we have seen far more dramas than comedies, and more dramas than other genre movies such as film noir (The Maltese Falcon, a BP nominee). We haven’t seen any horror yet (the only […]

If only it were that easy

When a new season of The Voice begins in the early part of the year, I’m glued to the TV set. Well, sort of. In the sense that I set my DVR to record every episode so that I can watch it an hour into the show (avoiding commercials, hehe!) or the next day, commercial-free. […]

Best Picture Winners #7 – It Happened One Night (1934)

And so it happened one night this week that….. I saw this movie! Hey, I had to get that in somewhere, right? So don’t ask me how, but I had heard of this movie long before we started doing this project. And all I’d heard of it was that it was a classic movie, you […]

Writer Research – Contacting Real People Instead of the Internet

I haven’t even edited the second book yet, but I’m already looking ahead to the third book (yes, the THIRD booK!) in my Traveling Society series! Because you know me, I like planning ahead of time so that my stories are realistic. That everything is perfect to the last detail so there are no major […]

Doing Online Concerts

“Let me give you a kiss before you go upstairs and be a rock star.” Those are usually the words that my husband says to me right before I take the stage for another concert. Except that the stage I usually perform on is not a tangible stage like in an auditorium or even a […]

Loving What You Have

A few days ago I wrote about finding your own voice and the importance of that in any creative pursuit. And today, I thought I’d talk about some of my journey in finding my own voice when it comes to making music. More specifically, how to love what you already have. For the first time ever, […]

Finding Your Own Voice

There are many things I have realized as I’ve gotten older. That I was a part of the last generation to grow up without the Internet in my everyday life is one important thing (my middle-school/high-school students don’t know a world without YouTube and all the other social networks). That being an adult can be fun […]