Cecilee Linke

I can write you a story, teach you French, sing you a song.


Thing A Week #3 – Hurricane

Hurricane When compose a song, I don’t think about just the melody and words. I also think about the atmosphere I want to create. Am I writing a happy song? A sad song? Something in between? How can I convey the theme and mood of the song? Am I writing about myself or a character? […]

Thing A Week #2 – The Language of Dreams

The Language of Dreams Not every song I’m doing for this series is a completely new song. Some of these tunes are things I’ve been playing around with for a while but just haven’t done much with yet other than playing them live and watching people’s reactions. I wrote this in September/October 2016. I remember […]

Thing A Week #1 – Diving Bell

This year is the start of a huge project: every Friday on my YouTube channel, I’ll be putting a live performance of an original song on my YouTube channel. 52 weeks in a year, and I definitely have more than 52 songs! Last week was the start of this ambitious project, with a live performance of […]

Finding Your Own Singing Voice (Part 3)

I’m going to start this off by saying that by no means am I a professional voice teacher. I haven’t gone to school and studied voice like many professionals. I’m merely an enthusiast with a ton of practice and experience who wants to impart that knowledge to others. I was about nine or ten when […]

Cecilee: Singer/Songwriter or…. Something Else? That Is The Question

In my area, there’s an annual contest for up-and-coming local singer/songwriters. You sign up, submit some songs, and if you’re chosen, you get to perform your song for judges and you win prizes and all sorts of prestige and yay yay yay! And every year, I can’t join. One of the rules of the contest […]

Cantare in italiano

After playing the clarinet since fifth grade, I was ready for something new. When my sophomore year of high school rolled around, I decided to join the high school choir instead of continuing with band. My parents didn’t mind what school activity my brother and I did, as long as we did something we liked. Since […]