Cecilee Linke

I can write you a story, teach you French, sing you a song.

thing a week

Thing A Week #3 – Hurricane

Hurricane When compose a song, I don’t think about just the melody and words. I also think about the atmosphere I want to create. Am I writing a happy song? A sad song? Something in between? How can I convey the theme and mood of the song? Am I writing about myself or a character? […]

Thing A Week #2 – The Language of Dreams

The Language of Dreams Not every song I’m doing for this series is a completely new song. Some of these tunes are things I’ve been playing around with for a while but just haven’t done much with yet other than playing them live and watching people’s reactions. I wrote this in September/October 2016. I remember […]

Thing A Week #1 – Diving Bell

This year is the start of a huge project: every Friday on my YouTube channel, I’ll be putting a live performance of an original song on my YouTube channel. 52 weeks in a year, and I definitely have more than 52 songs! Last week was the start of this ambitious project, with a live performance of […]