The verb être

To be or not to be…..

Today we will be learning another very useful verb in French, the verb être or in English, “to be.” Next to the verb “avoir,” this will be one of the most frequently used verbs you will ever use in French! 🙂


Voice French English
first person singular
      1. je suis
I am
second person singular
      2. tu es
You are
third person singular
      3. il est
He is
      4. elle est
She is
      5. on est
One is



Voice French English
first person plural
      6. nous sommes
We are
second person plural
      7. vous êtes
You all are; You (formal) are
third person plural
      8. ils sont
They (masc.) are
      9. elles sont
They (fem.) are

We can use this verb to talk about what people are, just like we do in English.

She is mean

They are happy and sad.

Now for some adjectives we can use to describe people using this verb. These are adjectives that, unlike the color words we learned a few weeks ago, do not change their endings.

French English
      10. aimable
      11. timide
      12. sociable
      13. triste
      14. en colère
      15. sympathique
      16. sensible
      17. drôle
      18. jolie
      19. à la mode

Let’s say you wanted to tell someone in French that you are friendly. If you’re talking about yourself, you would use the first person singular form of the verb “to be.” In English, that would be “I am.” In French, it is:

je suis

Then you follow it with the adjective for “friendly: aimable

Je suis aimable. = I am friendly


How about you want to talk about your friends Peter and Thomas and how funny they are? If you’re talking about just your two friends there, you would use the third person plural form of the verb “to be”. In English, that would be “they are.” In French, it is:

Pierre et Thomas sont

Then just like you did to tell someone that you are friendly, you follow your verb with the adjective for “funny”: drôle

Pierre et Thomas sont drôle. = Peter and Thomas are funny.

And now you give it a try!


Complete the following assignment for using the correct forms of the verb être

And also complete this assignment about describing people in French using être

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