Thing A Week #1 – Diving Bell

This year is the start of a huge project: every Friday on my YouTube channel, I’ll be putting a live performance of an original song on my YouTube channel. 52 weeks in a year, and I definitely have more than 52 songs!

Last week was the start of this ambitious project, with a live performance of my personal absolute favorite song Diving Bell.

This song was a turning point in so many ways. I really feel like after this song was written, I became more dynamic with my songs. I put in more stops, starts, and passages that start loud, then soft, then back again.

These days, I go into a trance when I sing this song. I recall so many memories and feelings as the words tumble out of me. This song has taught me a lot.

And yet the inspiration for it was simple: a conversation with one of my closest friends.

My friend Valerie and I have never lived in the same city, so it was by chance that we even met in the first place (that’s a story for another time!). She and I were talking about how our relationships with others, especially loved ones, has changed as we’ve gotten older. That both of us have begun to see people in a different way, we see more of their humanity and we realize that not everyone is completely good or completely bad. Most people are in between. And realizing that makes us realize more about ourselves as humans.

I wish I could always have the kind of inspiration that came with this song. The kind of inspiration where the song comes out fully formed with perfect lyrics and a perfect melody. Most songs I have to work on for weeks or even months to get to this point. Not Diving Bell. That conversation with Valerie immediately got me thinking of a song about seeing the humanity of other people, how my perspective on people has changed as I’ve gotten older. I did my teaching job as usual that day, then came home, and immediately began writing the music to this song. I had the whole thing in a matter of about thirty minutes. I played it for Andrew that afternoon, and he told me it was the best song I’d ever written. He didn’t think it was one of mine. He thought it was something from Charlotte Martin, one of my favorite singer/songwriters and a HUGE inspiration for my own work, one of the biggest compliments he’s ever given me.

I absolutely love this song and I will never tire of singing it.

You can watch the playlist that includes my performance and a short introduction video, right here (and don’t forget to subscribe, many more videos are to come this year!):