Thing A Week #13 – Snow in Alabama

I’m going to be honest, this song was almost forgotten by me until I pulled it out for this project! I’d written this on a whim back in early January after having the title (I thought it sounded really cool, so I wrote it down) and a vague idea of what I wanted it to be about. But it fits this month’s theme of “songs about places,” so it works!

And like Kankakee and Ljubljana, I have never been to Alabama! I’ve yet to see much of the American deep south, to be honest. I’ve seen Georgia and loved it, but haven’t seen anything between there and Texas, as far as American deep south goes.

One of my favorite groups is Pet Shop Boys. They often write really dry-humored lyrics with really upbeat music. I’ve written a few songs in that style before, and this turned into one of those dry-humored songs. In it, I’m poking fun at my own mood swings. How I can go from really happy (Alabama is beautiful and green) to sad (snow) if I’m in the right mood. Snow in Alabama = an unexpected sad mood.

And even more, I gave myself a little challenge with this song: I wrote it in 6/8 time! I’ve NEVER written a song in that signature before and I decided on that one because I was obsessed with the Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark song Joan of Arc (Maid of Orleans) when I wrote this song! 😀

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