Thing A Week #14 – Scarlet

Sometimes it only takes a picture to inspire a song. My song Ballerina was inspired by a picture of, well, a ballerina! And this one was inspired by a picture, this time one on Facebook.

A mutual friend of one of my songwriter friends posted a picture of rose petals that they’d found on a beach one morning. The poster then urged their songwriter friends to write something inspired by that photo. (I wish I could find the picture, but I can’t find it now……) What came to mind was a story song, which I don’t tend to write very much. And I was further inspired by someone who posted about their aunt whose husband had passed on. This woman’s aunt and uncle used to meet at a place on the beach every morning, and in remembernace of him, her aunt scattered rose petals in the sea. then the next morning, what showed up on the beach in their special spot?

The rose petals that she’d scattered the night before!

I thought it was such a touching story that I had to write a song about it. So this is one of my character songs! The music came pretty quickly; I actually wrote it in about twenty minutes before one of my French students came to my house for a lesson. Talk about writing quickly!

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