Thing A Week #15 – Golden Bells

Casinos are fascinating places. I can see why people get lost and spend hours there. There are no windows, no clocks, nothing to indicate the passing of time. Also, it’s loud, you can drink, and there’s the chance you might just win big bucks.

Last year, I saw Tori Amos live at the National Harbor theater, the first time I’d visited that area when it wasn’t a hole in the ground! To kill time before the show, I would walk through the casino just people watching. I even spent about two dollars to see if I would win anything at one of the slot machines, and for just a minute, I got to feel like I MIGHT get lucky and become a rich woman by the end of the night. I even felt like I was an extra in an Ocean’s 11 movie, even just for a moment.

No such luck at winning anything! It was all gone in a minute!

But no wonder people try and try until they win, or more likely, lose!

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