Thing A Week #21 – Your Silhouette

One of my dearest friends was having trouble with a loved one. My friend was tired of this other person always trying to make into something she wasn’t, and my friend has spent years undoing a lot of trauma related to her childhood and trying to be her own person.

I wrote this last year actually right before I went to a local open mic night in Hampton, and I remember even playing it that night, not even three hours after I wrote this song! It’s one of my more dramatic ones for sure, and I like it that way. I’ve been exploring more of my voice and realizing that, holy crap, you mean I can actually sing loud if I want to? AWESOME!

This song also allows me to get a little more angry when I sing it, because I’m singing it from my friend’s point of view. It’s nice to sing from another viewpoint rather than singing as me all the time!

Click below to watch the video for this week’s song!