Thing A Week #3 – Hurricane


When compose a song, I don’t think about just the melody and words. I also think about the atmosphere I want to create. Am I writing a happy song? A sad song? Something in between? How can I convey the theme and mood of the song? Am I writing about myself or a character?

To me, a song is more than just words. It’s a story set to music. And they’re like people sometimes. They have ever-changing moods.

Hurricane was something that I wanted to create as a mood piece, something that carried you along with the words, made you feel like you were in the midst of something.

I’ve known a lot of different people who have been exhausting to be around. The kind of people who say hurtful things without realizing what they’re saying, who don’t care about what comes out of their mouths, and who I have grown too old to have in my life as anything more than a passing curiosity. I’ll be friendly when I need to be, but otherwise, I don’t want them around because they’re too negative.

I wrote this in late December 2017. When I wrote this, I’d originally written the lyrics completely differently. They were good, but I wanted to try something different. So I experimented a little with a rhyme scheme and I liked the result! Many of my songs are blank verse; there’s no rhyme scheme to speak of because I find it too restricting. This time, however, I noticed that rhyming brought out other images I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of!

I also wrote this while my husband was sick on the couch downstairs right after Christmas! I remember plugging my keyboard into Logic and my headphones into my computer headphone jack so I could hear the piano and composing the song directly into Logic. I knew this was going to be loud and emotional and I didn’t want to wake him up as I worked on this song.

Also, I’d been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode, and I know that affected my writing in this song! I wanted something moody, that shifts and changes like a hurricane.

And I think I accomplished that!

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