Thing A Week #5 – Nebulous

Sometimes I’m inspired not by an idea but by a word. How it sounds. What it means. One of my favorite artists, Mylène Farmer, often picks words and phrases because they sound cool.

Everyone has depths that they hide from other people. I come across as pretty open in this blog series and in my videos, but even I have things that I never show other people. It’s those hidden depths in others that fascinate me to no end.

This song is about wanting to reach out to someone. You know someone who seems to hide a lot and you’re just trying to be friendly, not become BFF, just friendly, but they turn you away all the time and so you just give up on them because what’s the use. “You’ll always be……,” as I sang in the song.

I worked with someone whose mysterious nature inspired this song. I never got to know her very well because every time I tried to be friendly, her attitude was really off-putting. She answered in short sentences and wouldn’t even look at me when she did talk to me. Very strange. So much for being her friend. I gave up, but always wondered why she behaved the way she did. Whatever she was going through, I hoped she was OK. I never want the worst for anyone.

This is an instance where the title is NOT in the song itself. I enjoy the music of New Order, an 80s band known for not putting the title anywhere in their lyrics most of the time (songs like Shellshock aside). Blue Monday. Bizarre Love Triangle. Love Vigilantes. None of those titles are anywhere in their respective lyrics. I felt like making the title more like the main idea of the song and using the lyrics to describe someone who is the title, rather than making it the hook. I’m all about trying new things when it comes to music: not putting the title in the lyrics, not having a traditional verse-chorus structure, not having a discernible chorus (I wrote a song recently that has no real chorus!), or even trying to write something in a time signature I’ve never written in before. What’s the point if you aren’t trying something a little different? 🙂

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