Thing A Week #7 – Spirals

Since Valentine’s Day is this week, I figured I’d share a love song of sorts!

I say a love song because while this does talk about a romance, it’s unfulfilled.

This week’s song, Spirals, was inspired by a story I read in a book about French culture. I think it might’ve been French or Foe. I can’t remember now! I’ve read a lot of books about France! In this book was a story of an American who was visiting France. While he was traveling on a bus, he locked eyes with a beautiful woman who was sitting toward the back of the bus. Without even saying a word to one another, they shared a mutual attraction. Then, the bus stopped, she got off the bus, and he never saw her again. But he always remembered that beautiful woman and the moment they shared together.

So this song is about that fleeting feeling you get when you see someone you find attractive, and you do it all without even saying anything to each other.

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