Where The Light Falls

Where The Light Falls

Two years have passed since her second album, Electric Blue Fantastic, and her latest opus, Where the Light Falls. In that time, Cecilee underwent a journey of emotional soul-searching and finding her confidence as a person. That journey comes through every single song, which are miles ahead of anything she’s ever done.

A sense of experimentation with sounds comes through in her choice of instruments. World influences permeate many of the songs, whether it’s a Persian santoor droning behind her on “Dancing Waters,” or a Chinese guzheng zither tuned to sound like an electric guitar in the rocking and dark “Walk in the Dust.” In addition to digital sounds, she used other unexpected sounds in her songs. Her breaths make up the layered background of “Walk in the Dust.” Rain falling outside her studio window adds texture to the title track. The main drums on “Dancing Waters” are the digitally manipulated sounds of Cecilee banging her shoes on the stairs in her house.

Some songs on the album, such as “Into the Blue” and the French-language “Regarder les nuages,” carry the 80s influence of the previous album. Yet those songs are not retreads. A happier, more confident voice leads each song. In two years of performing shows online and practicing, Cecilee’s voice can now better ebb and flow with the emotions of every song, swooping down to alto notes, then soaring up to bright, ringing notes near the top of her range. She even backs herself on many of the songs, using her voice as a stuttering synth on “Regarder les nuages” and for a choral effect on songs such as “Strawberry Moon” and “Paint the Sky.”

As she sings in the first track, “Hanging on a strand, a prism in your hand, here I am, here I am.” She is here to share her emotions and stories with you, and she hopes that you will listen.

Where The Light Falls album cover


Available to purchase now at the following links:

Standard Edition

Special Edition (includes standard tracks + piano versions of each song)

Super Deluxe Edition (includes standard tracks + piano version of each song + electronic instrumentals)



1. Glass Heart

2. Prism

3. Into the Blue

4. Regarder les nuages

5. Walk in the Dust

6. Sparkle in the Wind

7. Dancing Waters

8. Strawberry Moon

9. Lavender and Honey

10. Où tombe la lumière

11. Paint the Sky

12. Here I Am